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Strata-scapes is a proposal for the future development of ‘t Zoet in Breda – a seemingly empty site with traces of previous industrial activities.

The project embraces the visible and hidden layers of the location, reassembling them as foundations for future growth. In this proposal, each space is envisioned as a habitat, and the city itself as an ecosystem, adapting and evolving over time through the influence of anthropological and biological factors.

The result is a living laboratory shaped by culture and nature, where architecture and landscape are conceived as one, fostering regenerative spatial practices.

Strata-scapes project was awarded 1st prize in an international competition Europan 17 Netherlands in 2024.

Award: 1st prize Europan NL

Date: 2023 – now

Co-authors: Federica Zatta – architect, landscape designer

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Studio Iza Słodka connects architecture and urban design in creating integrated spatial concepts. We prioritize public and collective spaces as much as buildings, treating architecture as an envelope for flexible and adaptable environments. Our location-specific approach highlights the unique qualities of each site and creates resilient frameworks for a range of activities.

In our work we value informal characteristics of areas in transformation, honest details, genuine materials, and circular solutions, and combine them with non-traditional typologies and multi-use spaces. We enjoy exploring the ambiguity between indoor and outdoor spaces, blurring the lines between them.

While working on diverse projects in various contexts, we often choose a collaborative approach tailored to each task. Our focus on productive cities, where living and working mix, and urban commons has led us to deliver multiple lectures and design studios at the Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst and TU Vienna.

Awards & Grants

1st prize Europan 17 competition
‘t Zoet, Breda, NL
Strata-scapes, urban development and placemaking strategy | co-author: Federica Zatta

1st prize Fleur Groenendijk Foundation – 1st quarter 2023
Keilekwartier, Rotterdam, NL
Productive Commons, four interventions in Keilekwartier

2nd prize Europan 16 competition
Klagenfurt, Austria
Tracing Domains, transformation strategy | co-author: Xander van Dijk

1st prize Europan 15 competition
Keilekwartier, Rotterdam, NL
Makers’ Maze, transformation and densification strategy | collaborator: Erica Chladova

YTAA 2016 – Mies van der Rohe Award nomination
Collage & Continuity, transformation strategy (Kraków, Poland)


Europan 16 results Living Cities
edited by Europan Europe, 2022

Europan 16 Austria Living Cities
Edited by Iris Kaltenegger, Bart Lootsma and EUROPAN Austria
Publisher: Park Books, 2022
ISBN 978-3-03860-296-5

Europan 15 results Productive Cities
edited by Europan Europe, 2020

Europan 15 NL. In the midst of the unpredictable
Edited by Jessica Cullen, Martine Zoeteman
Publisher: AIR – Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam, 2022
ISBN 978-90-90365-77-0

Exhibitions & Events

Exhibition: HOE WILLEN WIJ WERKEN M4H 2030
3 June – 14 July 2022, KeileZaal, Rotterdam, NL
organized by KeileCollectief

KeilePodium: Nieuwbouw Plannen M4H
22 February 2022, KeileZaal, Rotterdam, NL
organized by Keilecollectief

KeilePodium: HOE WILLEN WIJ WONEN M4H 2030
6 July 2022, KeileZaal, Rotterdam, NL
organized by Keilecollectief

Exhibition: Europan16 Living Cities
25 March – 7 April 2022, Remise West, Klagenfurt, Austria
organized by Europan Austria

Exhibition: Aard van de Plek
21 September – 7 November 2021, KeileZaal, Rotterdam, NL
organized by Keilecollectief

Exhibition: Undercurrent
Rotterdam Architecture Month 2021
5 June – 27 June 2021, Kruisplein parking garage, Rotterdam, NL
organized by AIR Rotterdam

Stadmakerscongres 2020
25 – 27 November 2020, HAKA Building, Rotterdam, NL
organized by AIR Rotterdam, Europan NL


Studio Iza Słodka is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Questions about collaborations & projects enquiries:

[email protected]