New Loven for Ministerie van Maak
September 22, 2022

Loven, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Video presentation

In autumn 2022 we joined Ministerie van Maak as one of the 100 teams investigating spatial possiblities for placing 10.000 houses in a 4km2 area in a site of choice, as part of the IABR exhibition. The selected location – Loven in Tilburg is mostly a mono-functional industrial area. The main idea is to embrace it as an integral part of the city and diversify it by adding housing, high-quality public spaces, mix of uses and greenery.

To do that we propose to minimise and combine logistics for industrial activities, add a distribution hub and mobility hub for pedestrian-friendly public spaces. The main intervention consists of three big scale insertions containing renewed landscape, greenery and clean soil – anchors for future densification. With these steps we hope to create new synergies between added housing and existing industry.

This concept study was part of the 10th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam exhibition. The initiators of Ministerie van Maak expo are the IABR, MANN, ZUS, VOLUME and the Independent School for the City.

22 Sept – 13 Nov 2022

Image © Paul Swagerman